Virtual Reality Strategy in the Skies

Nimbus Knights is an RTS meets god game in Virtual Reality.  Send troops into battle against a Skeleton Army in a series of skirmishes atop floating islands.  Grab hold of a floating platform and rally your troops, but don’t forget to bring your weapon of choice, maybe a Pokey Stick, to annoy the tiny Skeletons into submission!

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The World of Nimbus Knights

Floating Islands, Evil Lich Kings, and temperamental cloud deities. Nimbus Knight is a world filled with magic, humor, and adventure!

Nimbus Knights Features

  • A pick-up-and-play strategy game set in an sky realm of floating islands
  • Hand-tracked controllers for completely immersive gameplay: Nimbus Knights utilizes the full capabilities of hand-tracked controllers, allowing players to interact with the game world like never before.
  • Find and exploit quirky items found throughout each level to poke, motivate, or otherwise harass your way to victory.

Native VR

  • Nimbus Knights is custom designed for hand-tracked gameplay for a natural VR experience.
  • Go beyond reality: cinematic lighting, physically-based shaders and dynamic gameplay physics give you the sense of ‘being there.’ The visual style was created from the ground-up for head mounted displays.
  • Comfortable VR design: Whether you’re jumping in for a quick match or marathoning through the campaign, Nimbus Knights is designed around comfort

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